45' Silverton "Lady G"

305Yachtz 417f1433-e82e-4724-9ef2-75e4dc81c4af-1 Silverton "Lady G"

Lady G is a sport and pleasure hybrid yacht that combines performance with comfort. The interior is bright and welcoming with plenty of natural sunlight. Two cabins and a full kitchen to fully accommodate all guests. The bridge offers an elevated vantage point to enjoy the Miami views. The cockpit is spacious and features a full sound system. Anchor up and enjoy the large swim platform and floating mat and unwind in Miami’s warm waters. 

Prices are subject to change on Holidays

4 hours

$ 1695 7 % FL sales Tax +tip not included

6 hours

$ 2150 7 % FL sales Tax +tip not included


  • Size: 45ft 
  • Passengers: 12
  • Manufacturer: Silverton
  • Staterooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1


  • Captain/Crew recommendation
  • Ice
  • Water 
  • Pool noodles
  • Large floating swim mat
  • Built-in Speakers
305Yachtz bc76e07e-9350-49e2-930b-0caba81cb344 Silverton "Lady G"
305Yachtz 138334ea-3611-48fe-a9c8-21bc4b278d8c Silverton "Lady G"
305Yachtz 1acb48fd-836b-49f0-9292-4c3ec6012f1f Silverton "Lady G"
305Yachtz 7c31d84e-37e6-4ff7-9bbf-c401e24d500f Silverton "Lady G"