94' Pershing "Shadow"

305Yachtz IMG_20210314_123139_030 Pershing "Shadow"

Some come to Miami to experience top of the line quality. This city has some of the best mansions, cars, food and boats the world has to offer. If you are seeking nothing but the best, Shadow will still surpass your expectations. Built in Italy, the Pershing is the Ferrari of boats. They are fast, luxurious, and sexy. The interior has clean modern styling and ergonomic design. She has a few extras, including a rear garage that opens up into a club style dance floor, exposing her arsenal of speakers, smoke machines and party lights. There are multiple seating and lounging areas in the front, top, and back of the boat, creating multiple enclaves that can host a diversity of atmospheres and vibes. This boat represents some of the highest quality in boats available in Miami. 

Prices are subject to change on Holidays

4 hours

$ 6750 7 % FL sales Tax +tip not included

6 hours

$ 8150 7 % FL sales Tax +tip not included

8 hours

$ 9650 7 % FL sales Tax +tip not included


  • Size: 94ft 
  • Passengers: 12
  • Manufacturer: Pershing
  • Staterooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1


  • Captain/Crew recommendation
  • Night Club Lights
  • Sound System
  • Ice
  • Water
305Yachtz Screenshot_20210314-122655_Chrome Pershing "Shadow"
305Yachtz Screenshot_20210314-122729_Chrome Pershing "Shadow"
305Yachtz Screenshot_20210314-122719_Chrome Pershing "Shadow"
305Yachtz Screenshot_20210314-122640_Chrome Pershing "Shadow"