65' Numarine "sebastian"

305Yachtz 1-3 Numarine "Sebastian"

Sebastian is everyone’s favorite yacht. Clients love it because of its perfect size, big enough to feel like a super yacht, small enough to make it realistic! Captains love it because she drives amazing. And bystanders love it because you can identify her distinct styling from a mile away. You should see this thing at night, underwater lights run along her sides from bow to stern (front to back), and her name written in silver has a glowing backlight that let’s everyone know who she is. She’s a head turner, when she pulls up to the dock her presence is felt. Sebastian is, in our opinion, as beautiful and well designed as a medium sized yacht can be.

Prices are subject to change on Holidays

4 hours

$ 4350 7 % FL Sales tax NOT included

6 hours

$ 4950 7 % FL Sales tax NOT included

8 hours

$ 5650 7 % FL Sales tax NOT included


  • Size: 65ft 
  • Passengers: 12
  • Manufacturer: Numarine
  • Staterooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3


  • Captain/Crew recommendation
  • Floating Mat
  • Noodles
  • Sound System
  • Ice
  • Water, Sodas
305Yachtz 3-4 Numarine "Sebastian"
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